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How much does it cost to build a website for a small business in Kolkata, India?

In this era of digitalization whatever profession you are in it doesn’t matter but as long as you are in to a profession or business you have to build a strong customer base to expand your presence worldwide and there you need the help of a web designer who can design a meaningful attractive web design for you.

India is an emerging market of IT service. Here you will get the best skillful and knowledgeable techies at a very reasonable price.

You just name it what type of web design would you like to prefer – personal blog design, professional website design, ecommerce website design, corporate website design, small enterprise website design, startup website design; you will get all the options at an affordable market price comparing to any other part of the world. Business website design at competitive price in India is not at all a big deal.

As a best affordable creative web design agency in India, Going Cloud Technology had been built a benchmark already. In India you can find many web design companies who are providing custom web design services at low cost but you need to recheck all the service standard aspects before choosing their services. At Going Cloud technology from kickoff meetings to drafting, processing and delivering the project , the whole end-to-end web design criteria take place in a very professional manner.

Hire a UI and UX website designer in India

Web designing is an art. It needs a lot of creativity as well as technical skills. A web designer should have an immense amount of patience and dedication towards his work. While coming to web design you need to take care of user interfaces and user experiences. According to your convenience you can hire a web design company or freelance web designers in India.

UI Web Design:

UI configuration represents User Interface designing, which is the visual or graphical side of a web structure. UI designing involves configuring colours, illustrations, image set up, typography, icons, visual design, graphics etc.

UX Web Design:

On the contrary, UX web design emphasizes on how much comfortable a user will feel when he will come to your website. A UX web designer should always keep in mind while designing website user-friendliness should be on foremost priority. UX web design denotes- flexible menu bar, easy navigation, simple web structure etc.

Traits of the best responsive web design services in India:

Whenever you plan to hire a UI and UX web designer in India always make sure that they have got the following traits-

  • Should be sound technically.
  • Should have got proven records.
  • Should have got the flexibility to discuss the project at any time.
  • Should obey the predetermined time span of delivery.

Types of web design services or companies in India:

Professional dynamic and static web design company in India- Going Cloud Technologies:

There are essentially two principal kinds of websites - Static Website and Dynamic Website.

Static Website:

Generally, a static website is written using HTML codes while designing the front end of a website. The coding language HTML is also known as Hyper Text Markup Language and we use this user side markup language to design the structure and layout of a website. A static website is simple to write and easy to maintain.

Dynamic Website:

On the contrary, a dynamic website is one that is being composed utilizing a server-side scripting language, such as- ASP, JSP,PHP. In case of a dynamic website there is a database saved in the server and when the end user asks for any webpage to deliver it is being delivered from the server directly using the scripting language. The webpages come up dynamically that’s why this website is called dynamic website.

In this regards as a professional dynamic and static web design company in India our company ‘Going Cloud Technologies’ is making its remarkable presence in web tech fields by designing and developing creative static and dynamic websites for our clients all over the world.

Creative blog website design company in India- Going Cloud Technologies:

What is a Blog?

The dictionary meaning of a blog is – “a regularly updated website or web page, typically one run by an individual or small group that is written in an informal or conversational style.”

We can create a blog website to make our presence very clearly to the world as well as to the internet world. If you are professional such as- musician, dancer, choreographer, sportsman, photographer, engineer, public figure, social worker, then a blog website can help you to increase your followers and build your brand image which will in turn help to expand your business.

At Going Cloud Technologies we have got a very specialized technical team from whom you will get free consultation about which type of blog website will suit your profession and personality and based on that they will design and develop an eye-catching creative blog website for you.

So if you want to have a unique and creative blog website that will make a difference then you should choose Going Cloud Technologies as a creative blog website design company in India.

eCommerce website design company in India- Going Cloud Technologies:

What is eCommerce website design?

E-commerce or Electric Commerce is a web-based platform where the whole business process takes place depending on Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and various web technologies.

Designing and developing an eCommerce website is a very complex and challenging job to perform because it requires many eCommerce related web technologies such- WooCommerce (Wordpress), JigoShop (WordPress), VirtueMart (Joomla), Drupal Commerce (Drupal), Magento, Open Cart etc.

Why GCT:

Going Cloud Technologies has got an excellent team of developers, designers, project consultants who are building eCommerce websites for years now with proper quality control and monitor.

If you are planning to take your wholesale or retail business online and seeking for eCommerce website design company in India, then you must consider Going Cloud Technologies as your web technology partner to make a remarkable mark of your existence in eCommerce business industry.

Stunning personal web design agency in India- Going Cloud Technologies:

Nowadays there is a craze to build personal websites. It is happening because the process of globalization is on at its zenith now. A Personal website is being made by gathering of few webpages to showcase a person's personality, lifestyle, social status etc. It fundamentally contains things that are close to home. It doesn't need to be about you, and it doesn't need to contain individual data yet it needs to be close to home. And we are capable of creating fabulous personal websites with full of dedication and professional manner that is why our clients treat us as a stunning personal web design agency in India.

A personal website must show content that enlightens your followers regarding your thoughts, interests, pastimes, family, passion, companions, sentiments, or something you feel unequivocally about. Online journals, self-composed books, ballads, family, pets, or a page about your preferred subjects, for example, a TV appearance, a game or a leisure activity are instances of things that could go on your own site. Or then again, it could be a page written to help other people with subjects like ‘wellbeing’, or ‘how to’- on pretty much anything.

Best responsive web design services in India- Going Cloud Tehcnologies:

The concept of responsive web design has turned into a basic need for all of them who wish to have their own type of websites. With the development of cell phones, tablets and other portable processing gadgets, the game of responsive web design has emerged drastically. We provide the best responsive web design services in India, and in this respect at GCT we encourage our clients to build a responsive website for the better performance of their websites.

RWD or responsive web design empowers web designers to write the web design codes once which automatically distributes a similar substance of the same web page over, all type of devices. It is website design and development logic of rendering pages in an effective, streamlined and simple to-peruse position over an assortment of gadgets and internet browsers on various stages. As an emerging responsive website design company in India, Going Cloud Technologies has already proven its quality of services in the market place.

Why to choose Going Cloud Technologies as the best website design company in India?

Professional Workforce:

We have got a very professional workforce that is why we follow a systematic end-to-end web design process.

On Time Delivery:

We are quite strict to maintain the exact delivery time for every project that we take in our hand because we don’t believe in quantity; it is quality that matters to us.

Lifetime Maintenance

People who design and develop a complete project through GCT to them there is an opportunity available to avail our maintenance service at very minimal charge on a monthly basis.

Why to choose Going Cloud Technologies as your partner web design outsourcing services in India?

GCT is a leading web technology process outsourcing company in India which deals with international web development projects with a very efficient manner.

Our Services

Website Design Company in India

Web Development

We are specialised in PHP website development, PHP-PDO website development, Wordpress website development, CMS website development, Custom website development and many more.
Web Design Agency in India

Web Design

Our web design services include- creative web design, responsive web design, unique web design, custom web design using various advanced technologies such as- HTML5, CSS3, Photoshop, Graphic Design, Animation etc.
Web Design Services in India


Search Engine Optimization is the heart of any website to get sustained in the competition for a long time. That is why we provide end-to-end SEO solutions to boost your website ranking, generate more traffic and conversions.
Responsive Website Design Company in India

Logo Design

A logo helps to build a Brand Image and we do help you to establish your Brand Identity in the mass market by creating unique logos. Design a creative logo, an abstract logo, a custom logo with us and see the difference.
Ecommerce Website Design Company in India

Digital Marketing

Get your business visualised online and capture the global market. Our outstanding strategical Digital Marketing techniques make sure to build your business's global presence. So get your business digitalized with us and Go Global.
CMS Web Design Company in India

Graphic Design

Our Graphic Design Services include various technological creativities such as- Photshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Digital Typographic Design etc.

Services Features

Responsive Web Design
Creative Layout
Unique Website Themes
Mobile Friendly Web Design
Accelerated Mobile Pages
SEO Friendly Web Design
Easy Navigations
Custom Web Design
Graphical Presentations
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1. What types of web design services do you provide?

Responsive web design, SEO friendly web design, Static Web Design, Dynamic Web Design, CMS Web Design, eCommerce Web Design and many more.

2. Are you a registered web design company in India?

Yes! We are a registered web design and web Development Company in India.

3. I have my own content ready so will your web designers will implement that content on my website?

Yes! Our web designers will fill that content on demand. You need to specify this while selecting “Get Quote” form.

4. What if I don’t have any content?

No need to worry about we do have experienced web content writers who develop SEO friendly contents. Again you should mention in your project requirement form.

5. Do you develop animated web design?

Yes! All our web designers have got excellent technical skills.

6. How many times we can discuss with your web designers about my website design?

Whenever it requires.

7. Will my website be mobile friendly?

Yes! Our web designers build mobile friendly web design.

8. Will my website be search engine friendly?

Yes! We do provide SEO friendly website design.

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